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About the Novels



                                                             THE YEMEN CONTRACT



Once again CIA operative Hayden Stone has his work cut out for him. Abdul Wahab seeks to make a power grab in the exotic land of Yemen and establish a terrorist base from which to launch an attack on Europe.

Wahab lures Stone to Yemen by kidnapping his partner CIA officer Sandra Harrington in Sicily. Stone comfortably operates in the mysterious, exotic world of Yemen where tribal leaders vie for power with the central government, al Qaeda exerts its influence through murder and mayhem, and double-dealing among Bedouin and townspeople is a national pastime.

The cat and mouse game goes from the capital Sana’a, to the deserts in the far east of the country, and to the mountain villages in the north. Stone has a personal stake in this mission, but can never keep his eye off of the greater plot developing, the one that puts millions in peril, and that only he can stop.



                                                              THE RIVIERA CONTRACT

Diversion Books published this debut novel, an espionage thriller, in March 2013.

In the spring of 2002, six months after the World Trade Center attack, Hayden Stone who recently took early retirement from the FBI, is working as an Independent Contractor for the CIA. On his last assignment to Afghanistan a friend is killed and he blames himself for his death.


A colleague in the upper ranks of the CIA offers him an assignment to the South of France. Stone accepts thinking this is exactly what he needs to get his life back on even keel: French wine, sun, cuisine, and the French Riviera. Well, he’s in for a surprise. He has little time for the French ambiance, as he becomes a target of terrorists, learns of a determined killer who wants to spread the plague in major US cities, and meets an old love, who he seduced and abandoned years before.


Stone learns that an intelligent and brutal Palestinian terrorist is in Provence to send a strain of the Ebola virus to major cities in the United States. Meanwhile, a seriously ill al Qaeda functionary is in the South of France seeking medical attention. A number of people want this man dead or alive, including the CIA and the French. To complicate matters, a Saudi prince and his son-in-law on a yacht off Villefranche are assisting the al Qaeda figure. Stone certainly has his hands full.

                                                             THE AFRICAN CONTRACT

Terror, Intrigue, and Romance in dangerous Africa


Diversion Books, Inc., New York, N.Y. will release this espionage thriller in May 2014.

CIA operative Hayden Stone travels to Africa for what he thinks will be an easy assignment. He meets an Israeli Mossad agent who provides disturbing information on a major terrorist plot. What Stone thought would be a short trip turns into a journey from war-torn West Africa to cosmopolitan Cape Town. He unravels a plot by jihadists and South African neo-Fascists intent onto dealing a deadly blow to the United States. Complicating matters, Stone unexpectedly is reunited with a former lover who knew him when he was an FBI agent. She now has plans for his future. The plot unravels at a swift pace until the final scene when the fate of thousands of innocent people is in question.