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Hope to have book signings early 2016 for
The Yemen Contract

August 20, 2016  -  2:00pm 

  Book Signing for The Yemen Contract
Poisoned Pen Bookstore - Scottsdale, AZ
September, 2015

                                                         Arizona Mystery Writers winner for short story
                                                                          Settling Accounts

November, 2014

                                                Arizona Authors Association winner for “Unpublished Novel,”      
A Murder Remembered.

June 12, 2014

I posted another blog on Prose & Cons. A reminisce from days in Africa.  You might find it interesting.

By the way, for those living in Scottsdale and thereabouts, Poisoned Pen Bookstore is stocking both THE RIVIERA CONTRACT and THE AFRICAN CONTRACT and THE YEMEN CONTRACT.  Hope to have a book signing there in the Fall.


  • Author of The Riviera Contract

  • Murder, intrigue, and romance on the French Riviera.

  • Now available in Print from your local bookstore and Barnes & Noble and Amazon.
  • The sequels  The African Contract and The Yemen Contract are now available!